How To:   1. Do a riskless spread trade.  2. Have unlimited growth possibility.  3. NEVER get a covered call assigned.
STOP - The SECRET of Riskless Spread Trading...
The Structure that Makes it So You Can’t Lose...  Without Also WINNING!
Dear Friend:

In 2007 I ‘accidentally’ discovered a principle that allows retail traders to do spread trades without risk.

Before you discount this claim of mine that it’s possible to set up a spread trade that takes a credit, but doesn’t risk a dime of capital

…let me tell you the story of how a roomful of MIT graduates let me prove it… and checked the results with their airtight math calculations.

Because they also duplicated these setups with their own money, doing riskless spreads for themselves.

The MIT Lecture that Spread RadioActive Trading to 38 Countries...
It was January 2008 and the distinguished NERATS (New England Risk Averse Traders) group had invited me to lecture at MIT about  RadioActive Trading.

The masters of ceremonies were two men in the group that had bought my book, The Blueprint in its first printing, and had both experienced “bulletproofing” in their personal accounts.

Bulleproofing refers to using longer-term put option to protect the value of your stock, but using near term “Income Methods” to pay for that put.

The NERATS group and their guests crammed the lecture hall. One of the MC’s, a talented trader named Chris Aall gave the introduction.

His trade with NTAP had recently netted him 30%, but the best part was that he never had more than 4% or his capital at risk… then later,  ZERO at risk-- after ‘bulletproofing’ his stock.

The result of successfully applying the Income Methods  is a position that can go up, but can’t go down; your net cost for the stock and the put is less than the strike price of your put.

Your investment at that time is called “bulletproof”!

RadioActive Trading Strategy Blows them All Away
Chris mentioned that his NTAP stock absolutely TANKED during the time he was holding it… but he didn’t pay it much mind because he had previously “bulletproofed” the stock.

Using Income Method #4 from The Blueprint, Chris reduced the net amount of his stock plus put option to less than the put’s strike price. So by this time there was no way for him to lose any capital, even though his NTAP stock was down… and down HARD.

NTAP came back… netting Chris about a 30% gain on his invested dollar… even though by most counts he should have liquidated the stock early to avoid crippling losses.  

Not only had Chris’s stock weathered a precipitous plunge, it had come back with a vengeance!

Then the really surprising part of his introduction came.

During the time that Chris had been in a “bulletproof” NTAP position, he also used a number of other exotic plays that only seasoned options traders would even be familiar with.

“Iron Condors”, “Broken Wing Butterflies”, and “Double Diagonals”.

Get this: not one of the “advanced” plays that Chris had been using… performed anywhere near the capital return of the RadioActive Trading NTAP trade! Chris had all but forgotten his ‘boring’ trade… because it didn’t need near as much managing as the more advanced positions.

Okay, that sets the stage: Peter and Chris had only seen Income Methods #1-4… mainly because that was what was all that was in The Blueprint at that time... and that had been enough to help them BEAT the more exotic trades that NERATS was working with.

But..! I had promised the group something new.
And what I accidentally ended up showing them turned out to be a bit controversial, to say the least!
Math Quiz in the MIT Restroom
The first part of the day was dedicated to learning RadioActive Trading and Income Methods #1-4.

After lunch was the introduction of the “new stuff”, Income Methods #5 and #6.

Citing my own experience using those methods with GME, I showed these new ways to “enhance” the performance of a stock going sideways. GME went up and down like a rollercoaster while I held 200 shares, ending just a little lower than where it started. But because of Income Methods #5 and #6, my PROFITS after commissions were over $1,000.

That was when I chose to take a break. After showing the group how my stock could actually end up lower than where I had bought it, but still make money… I excused myself from the room and encouraged discussion until I came back.

I was NOT prepared for what happened next!

Dropping into a nearby stall, I was looking to take a quick bathroom break. To my surprise... of the eggheads in the group stopped right next to my urinal, and ignoring what I was doing... started quizzing me about the spread trade!

He must have had Aspberger’s... because he didn’t think there was anything particularly strange about talking mathematics while I was, erm, ‘taking care of business’.

“IF what you’re claiming is true,” he observed, “then you have discovered a riskless spread trade”.

Zipping my fly and pumping soap from the dispenser, I replied “My trades are public record. But more importantly, I guess the spread is riskless... provided that you do it in the context that I just showed.”

Ruminating on that thought a bit... I realized that though it hadn’t been my intent to claim that any trade could be riskless... this particular arrangement as a backdrop did allow you to capture premium without the fear of backlash.

Back to the Future… the Slides that PROVED the Spread Trade had no Risk of its Own
Back in the classroom, I plugged in some positions into the “Custom Spread Tool” on PowerOptions.

The overhead display showed everyone in the room what my “enhancement” really implied…

A truly RISKLESS spread trade!

Here’s a modern version of what I showed that day at MIT:

Sure enough… starting with a married put position that had $200 risk, then adding in a “Income Method #6” trade… a $100 credit premium was captured and the total risk of both plays went down to $100.
I reset the parameters. Using a “bulletproof” married put... one in which the net cost for 100 shares and a $55 put equaled $5,500... the risk had been set to zero.

(That’s a common enough result when you buy a long term put, and use a short term trade to pay for the put.)

But after “bulletproofing” a stock with a paid-for put, I wasn’t prepared for what the Custom Spread Tool told us:

The “zero risk” married put, plus the Income Method #6 credit spread... equaled a negative risk.

That is, the $100 credit from the spread trade was counted as BANKED... no matter what happened next.

The worst case scenario, which had been zero risk if the stock goes down, and unlimited upside potential...

...became a GUARANTEED GAIN of $100, and again…  it still had UNLIMITED upside potential!

This secret of “nesting” one, near-term trade within a longer-term became the basis of a whole new field of limiting and even ELIMINATING risk in spread trades!
How to STOP LOSING at Spread Trading FOREVER...
So this brings us to the video lesson I want to tell you about.

If you want to stop losing at spread trades, this three-hour seminar I put together is for you.

Rather than going through the whole Blueprint program, you might consider grabbing this premium RadioActive Trading offering for just $67.

The class itself was offered as a live webinar, so there’s quite a bit of question and answers time... but also a thorough treatment on how to do SEVEN different spread trades risklessly.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT saying that there’s no risk in trading... there is. Even when you set up a married put trade and keep your risk down to 2-5%... well, you’re risking 2-5%. But then it’s possible to lower that risk by doing a spread trade... and even become “bulletproof” by capturing more premium than what your put option costs. So, yes there IS risk… but that risk is low and can be eliminated altogether if you can follow instructions and the market cooperates.

Here’s a smidgeon of what you can expect from the “Stop Losing at Spread Trading FOREVER” video:

  •  How to get a “loan” from the market that you never have to pay back… literally
  •  What the secret ingredient that makes you fearless in any market
  •  Got your stock assigned? No problem… Graduate to the NEXT riskless spread!
  •  The “Broken Butterfly” spread SOME groups teach exclusively… included FREE
  •  How to generate premium but without any capital risk

These exclusive methods for enhancing return and limiting, even eliminating risk will show:

  • Force a broker to allow you to do trades you’re not “supposed” to do… and do it without risk OR margin
  • How to 1) do a riskless spread trade; 2) have unlimited growth possibility; 3) NEVER get a covered call assigned
  • The “Smiley Face” trade that locks in a gain, but makes you hoot and holler WHICHEVER direction your stock goes next
  • How to finally feel what success is like, not by winning more often but by having more in your account during the winning plays… while maintaining a strangle hold onto your money when losses happen

My own journey of limiting and eliminating risk happened shortly after I graduated from a popular “Covered Call” weekend that cost over $3,000 to attend. Turns out, that was NOTHING compared to what the market ended costing me because I didn’t understand these principles. Maybe some of these feelings are familiar:

  • Sorting winners out of your account, and keeping the losers instead
  • Losing double-digit amounts on “good” stocks with “great” premiums
  • Getting yelled at for doing it wrong and belittled for losing money… even when you were only following directions
  • Facing your spouse or your heirs with the news that you’ve gambled away their future
  • Seeing a perfectly good investment get taken away from you… while being forced to hold a losing position

It’s been proven that the “covered call strategy” courses, along with MOST credit spread trading systems cause as much as 92% of their customers to LOSE money in the long run.

On the other hand, it’s also been proven that the RadioActive strategy helps its followers to keep defense first:

  • A whole family of hedging techniques used by RadioActive Trading made possible by a Ph.D. in economics and Nobel laureate
  • The proven “delta neutral” strategy proven in theory and practice by hedge fund traders can be utilized by ‘retail’ traders in a innovative way in this class
  • A live class of MIT graduates and post-grads… in economics… mathematics… and computer science… warmly welcomed and actually applied these principles to limit and eliminate risk
  • Double-digit annual performance in live portfolios in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and on track for 2018… notice what’s missing? In 2008 we lost between 3.8% and 0.6% in a number of portfolios managed the RadioActive way. Yes, those were losses. But the market at large lost over 40%. We waaaay outperformed the S&P ;-)

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of RadioActive Trading programs is that they never, EVER talk about how much the typical investor will or can make.

Instead we only talk about how much you can lose when you enter a RadioActive trade... and how using one of the “adjustment” or “nested” spreads in this class can change the outcome in a changing market.

Rather than promising you the MOON... and perhaps coming up (gulp) SHORT... we would rather tell you the maximum risks up front, low as they might be... and how to lower them to zero or even negative risk by carefully constructing clever context trades and playing it smart.

These plays are easy to do.

You don’t need a high clearance to do most of them... and if you ever do need a higher clearance it will be easy to acquire that after using the easy to learn methods in this simple series of video lessons.

How to Get Your Copy of  “STOP Losing at Credit Spreads FOREVER”

Learning is an exciting journey. And it’s simple and quick to start your learning journey and execute spread trades a new, SANE, low-risk way that virtually guarantees your long-term success!

The original, live class was sold out with attendees that were told they could attend the full class FREE... THEN decide if the video was worth paying for... and holding on to.

Almost ALL of ‘em did.


For you it’s an easier decision. There’s no wait; we’ve already formatted, performed, and answered the most common questions in the class

As soon as you press “Enter”, your card you will complete the order form for a one-time fee of $67and you’ll be viewing the class instantly!

Although the class itself is about three hours, you can break it up at your leisure.

Within the first few minutes you’ll see the demonstration that shows the SECRET of riskless spreads done in the context of stock ownership.

Then we’ll move on to other types of contexts and spreads until you’re convinced you can keep losses in the single digit zone... maybe eliminate them altogether... and make the upside unlimited.

Some bulletproofed trades even do well if your stock goes up... sideways... OR down.

Even if something goes horribly wrong, the most you can ever lose is 2-5%. Again, all you have to do is follow directions.

Imagine if this was the way YOU did spread trades from here on out: never risking more than single digits... being able to eliminate even that risk... and going forward profiting BIG by a move up OR down...

    Grab Your Copy Of
    "STOP Losing at Credit Spreads FOREVER"
    Now For Only $67 - LIMITED TIME!
    30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
    P.S.  Your Homework Assignment: Due Diligence

    You shouldn’t take my word for this. Check this out for yourself.

    After sitting through the class, go to and use the “Custom Spread Tool” to confirm that you can do a riskless spread trade.

    Start with a long term married put. Then by introducing a bear call spread to a married put (correctly), you take risk from both sides of the trade. If the risk of the married put was $200, and you take $100 premium... the NET risk is now $100.

    Do that twice and you’re bulletproof. Your put is paid for and you now have a bulletproof stock.

    Do it again (the riskless spread) when you have a bulletproofed position... and you now have a guaranteed gain.

    No joke.

    And just like the Aspberger’s guy that confronted me in the restroom, I have to agree:

    The math doesn’t lie.

    You can indeed use a riskless spread to capture premium, and reduce the risk in other trades too.

    The really, really awesome thing is...

    ...I’ve discovered SEVEN ways to setup a riskless spread. And the one I’m showing you now is the least sexy ;-)

    You don’t have to only do this in a married put setup. There are other contexts in which you can grab premium and do it risklessly.

    While we honor EVERY request for refunds, we gotta mention this:

    SOME folks will buy this program with the intent of watching it... taking notes... pausing, rewinding, and replaying the instructions...
    ...and then returning it for a refund.

    While we honor refunds, we ask that if anyone has going in with an intention of not being honorABLE...

    ...just don’t do it.

    The knowledge that you’ll get from this short class can easily pay for itself ten times this year alone.

    And you’ll want the recording to refer to time and again because it contains SEVEN ways to do riskless spreads, and you’ll want to be familiar with every one for various market conditions.

    Now for the honorable guys and gals (yes, I knew it… that’s YOU) if you do have questions, that’s what support is for.

    So please write support at radioactivetrading dot com to get clarity on this strategy or that.

    It’s how we improve this product and help you at the same time. Thanks!
    Grab Your Copy Of
    "STOP Losing at Credit Spreads FOREVER"
    Now For Only $67 - LIMITED TIME!
    30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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